Frequently Asked Questions

What food do we learn …?

We are experiencing a Balinese feast , a hands on cooking experience where you will get in to the experience itself and surely be able to duplicate it once you gone back to your home after your great Bali holiday.

How long is the class..?

The class start at 08.00 from your hotel in Ubud   then we will bring you to see the real fresh morning market to understand the spices and the herbs that use in your upcoming cooking experience. Class finish around  1.30 pm – 2 pm after your lunch with your own creation.

How about being vegetarian …?

There will be no problem even though you a vegetarian. Apart from learning the meat dishes you are also will be taken to make your own vegetarian one. Vegetarian or vegan are welcome in our home for all the class.

How many person in the class..?

Our class are the smallest among most of cooking school in the Ubud area. Maximum number of peoples are 12 peoples very maximum. Our goals is once you are out of our home you will be able to duplicate what has been learning in our home

What payment should we take…?

We only except cash for the payment. Honestly we are one step behind  from all the gadget online payment but for the food and the experience , we are one step ahead from the star hotels around where we live.

How about small children…?

There will be no problem to bring your children along. Especially if they are such a foodie child. Children above 10 years are welcome. Below 10 years are not welcome. Price for the children below 12 years old at half price of normal prices.

What make this so special….?

This is one of the best thing that you can do in Bali for those who are seeking the authentic Balinese culture ,lifestyle and culinary experiences. From the market visit , the Balinese family home compound layout and the cooking experience itself give you such an insight in to the truly Balinese authentic experience. You won’t regret this great experience your taste buds will thank you.

Can I come even though I never cook…?

Our cooking experience are welcoming everyone. Even you are not a chef or never cook. It is not just about cooking but also a cultural experience. No presser and let make it fun.